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St James Peak

Leader: Kate McCallum 6 November 2018 St James Peak

On the cool, overcast day of Tuesday 6 November 2018, 16 members and two guests met at Ou Kraalto hike St James Peak.

The route went up Bailey’s Kloof, Mimetes Valley, and over to St James Peak. However, at Muizenberg Cave the wind and fine drizzle plus growling stomachs led to a democratic decision made in the nick of time – the leader ever mindful of the fate of Captain Bligh – to have tea there out of the wind and rain.

After tea, the weather had cleared, and so the party finished the walk up and over to St James Peak, then went back down the diagonal path to the Hilltop Path and back down the Old Mule Track, whereupon the sun broke out in its full glory.

As before, the most dangerous part of the meet was crossing Boyes Drive. The entire party, bar two, repaired to the Brass Bell for a very noisy and jolly Tuesday Special lunch.

Thanks to Stephen Craven for being Tail-end Charlie.

Kate McCallum


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