The Mountain Club of South Africa

Table Mountain Hut


Table Mountain Hut

Hut Capacity (for bookings)

  • Maximum 12 people per night
  • Maximum 4 guests per night
  • Maximum two nights per booking
  • Hut Fees: rules-bookings

Please note all bookings are subject to the one member one guest allowance, and the overall limit for guests on any night is 4.

Arguably the Cape Town Section’s proudest facility, this well-equipped hut on Table Mountain has been visited by MCSA members for over a century. Easily accessible via many routes, the hut offers the peace of a night on the mountain in the middle of the city, or a shelter when out walking.

The hut, a stone and corrugated iron cottage at an altitude of 760m and 12 minutes from Kasteelspoort, is close to the Woodhead Reservoir and Waterworks Museum. The SANParks People’s Trail Hut, the Scout Hut and the Cape Province Mountain Club Hut are also nearby.

The MCSA-CT has use of the hut, but it is situated in the Table Mountain National Park, managed by South African National Parks.

History of Custodianship
The Table Mountain hut was originally built for the Resident Engineer overseeing construction of the Woodhead and Hely-Hutchinson Reservoirs on the lower table. In 1904 when the dams were completed and the hut due to be demolished, the MCSA approached the Cape Town City Council and negotiated a lease agreement. The nominal rental of one pound per annum was later dropped because it wasn’t cost-effective for the council to continue collecting it.