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Kleintuinkop Frontal

Meet Reports 9 August 2016 Kleintuinkop Frontal

We gathered at the Silvermine Waterfall-side car park in time for an 8.30 start. The day was a typical late winter’s day – clear blue sky and a very faint breeze. Quite chilly too. We were nicely warmed up by the time we were in the valley between Kleintuinkop and Blokhuiskop and after a water break, set off on finding our way up to the beautiful ledge near the Ystervark Cave for our tea-stop. Our tea break over, we started off scrambling up the front of the peak and working our way over to the exit point onto the peak itself. A short walk took us to the cairn and the most fantastic 180˚ views. We then headed off to Berties Balcony for a leisurely lunch, after which we returned via the Crassula path to our cars.

Jeremy Thornewill


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