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Groot Wellington Sneeukop

Leader: Torben Wiborg 28 October 2016 Groot Wellington Sneeukop

A chirpy group set off from Eerste Tol on Sunday 23 October, heading up the Bobbejaan River towards the waterfall. Having made good time to a tea spot beside some beautiful pools in the river above the waterfall, a suggestion popped up about possibly doing Slanghoek Pile in addition to the main objective for the day, which was Groot Wellington Sneeukop. There were no dissenters, so we began a steady climb up a bushy slope.

The final approach across the shale to Slanghoek Pile sparked some comical conversation about certain anatomical discomforts, but soon our attention was turned to the splendid views into the Slanghoek Valley and beyond to the Brandvlei Dam.

From there we dropped into the nek between Slanghoek Pile and Groot Wellington Sneeukop, and then climbed the long ridge to the summit beacon. The weather was magnificent, and we enjoyed lunch on the summit before descending via the nek between the Groot- and Klein Wellington Sneeukops, down a loose, rocky slope through burnt pine trees.

Thanks to Torben Wiborg for organising and leading a classic and spectacular day, of the sort that is the best Western Cape mountains can offer.



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