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Kirstenbosch Tree Walk

Leader: Neil Brathwaite 30 November 2016 Kirstenbosch Tree Walk

A party of fourteen met at the Rycroft gate and set off soon after 7.30am on Tuesday 29 November.

After an inspection of the trees around the Boomslang walkway, we climbed up through the gardens, up to the contour path and then to the beginning of Nursery Ravine. The weather was pleasantly cool with an occasional breeze. We ascended Nursery at a slow pace and had tea near the top of the ravine, under trees on the right of the path. After tea, we reached the steps taking us out of the ravine and on to the Nursery. The redwood trees were a point of interest.

The path took us around Cleft peak and to Hely Hutchinson dam and back down into Skeleton Gorge.  Part way down we had an early lunch at a cave on the left of the path. We all negotiated the watercourse and the ladders and finally reached the contour path. Here we turned left and went past the waterfall, which had no water, and then down into the gardens and back to the Rycroft Gate getting there shortly after 2pm.

The weather was excellent, as was the company. Thank you to Jeremy for being sweep.

Neil Brathwaite.

MCSA-CT Office Admin

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