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Agatha’s Gully

Leader: Don Jepson 26 January 2017 Agatha’s Gully

Agatha’s Gully provided the usual adrenaline rush at the exposed traverse into the gully and our continued concentration was needed whilst breaking through the various rock bands. We were fortunate to be in shade most of the way up and especially after having reached the Klaasens Buttress lower ledge where we had tea. Next was the scramble up to Klaasenskop that provided much interest with it’s maze of passage ways and rock formations. We had a number of keen botanists with us who kept us up to date with the names of the flowering fynbos that we passed along the way. Lunch would have gone on forever had we not remembered that we needed to be down before nightfall! The 17 of us arrived back at the cars, intact, and feeling abundantly rewarded for our effort!

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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