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Cave Peak, Kalk Bay

Leader: Richard Goldschmidt 30 March 2017 Cave Peak, Kalk Bay

Fourteen members and friends set off from Silvermine East gate on a coolish, misty morning on Thursday 30th March, heading for Cave Peak. We left the gravel road and took Dead Man’s Path around Kleintuinkop, finally enjoying a tea break in the sunshine at the top of the valley. From there we crossed over onto Cave Peak and headed off to Devil’s Pit head and cave, which was duly noted and passed by.

The path then descends and passes Avernus cave and then reaches the famous Boomslang Cave. Twelve brave members took out their torches and climbed up the slope and then down into the entrance passage of the cave. We rounded the corner and suddenly the knave of the church opened out with the pulpit above us. Nervousness soon dissipated and selfies were taken by torch light in the darkness of the cave, but we had disturbed the bats that flew above us. It was never the plan to do the crawl to exit the cave on the other side of the mountain. Saved that for next time!

Once more out in the open, we rounded the peak and descended on the Jojolu track to the path which ascends Echo Valley. Back up the valley we went, through the forested areas until we reached the Amphitheatre, where we enjoyed lunch in the shade of the rocks. We had set a deadline to get back to the cars by 14.30 so that members had time to attend the Club AGM, so we headed back via Kalk Bay Peak and the Old Fisherman’s path, reaching the cars on time.

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