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Caveman’s Overhang et al

Leader: Don Jepson 27 April 2017 Caveman’s Overhang et al

The storm clouds from the day before kept us cool while we ascended Constantia Corner, before dropping down to Klaasens Buttress lower ledge. This took us across to De Villiers dam where we found a sunny spot for tea. We then followed the Hole in the Wall route and on to Caveman’s Overhang. The rock obstacles and narrow passages along the way provided much fun and eventually we topped out at the highest point on the ridge. From here we descended into the valley on the other side, keeping to the right wall that led us into a narrow side valley and down into the depths of the indigenous forest. Ivor kept us informed about the variety of old trees along the way. We eventually climbed out near the ‘Ships Prow’ where we had lunch. We then followed the Hole in the Wall route back to the dam and then descended down the easy route to Constantia Nek.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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