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Corridor Ravine & Tranquility Cracks

Leader: Richard Goldschmidt 23 June 2017 Corridor Ravine & Tranquility Cracks

Twenty-two members and guests keenly supported the meet on Thursday 25 May. We set off from Theresa Avenue, Camps Bay, in fine weather, up to the Pipe Track and along to Corridor Ravine. Corridor is a quick and easy route to the top if you are fooled by the steady climb along the extension of the Pipe Track beyond Slangolie Ravine. We had tea at the Apostles Path at the top, before heading southwards to do a brief exploration of the Frustration Maze, or peak 761 as shown on the maps.  The party proved to be too large to quickly do justice to the little-known Maze, so after wetting our appetite for future exploration, we headed back along the path to the nearby Tranquility Cracks.

Emerging from the one main crack into the sun on the north side, a minor revolt forced the leader to declare it to be the lunch spot. This allowed him to explore to find the easy way out of the Cracks, and so after a suitable rest, the party was on the way again to the top of Wood Ravine. The descent of Woody with its framed views of the ocean below went relatively uneventfully, other than for one member of the party who injured her knee, but who bravely hobbled down with the aid of a stick. We reached the cars shortly after 3pm.

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