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Leader: Torben Wiborg 7 August 2017 Landdroskop

A perfect winter’s morning on Sunday 6 August saw 13 members set off with Torben from Nuweberg, the entrance to the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, to take the Sphinx route towards Landdroskop. Thriving populations of Silver Pagoda (Mimetes argenteus) and Pink Sugarbush (Protea stokoei) distracted some members along the way.

The veld is recovering well in the vicinity of the nek between Landdroskop and Somerset Sneeukop after the early January 2017 fire that came over from Vergelegen. From the nek a rocky ridge makes for a fun scramble towards the broad, flattish summit of Landdroskop, which gives commanding views in all directions, especially on a clear day. The Helderberg Dome and Somerset Sneeukop are visible, as is the top of Victoria Peak, among others.

The descent was via the Landdroskop Hut and jeep track, completing the round trip of 24 km in a civilised time for returning to Cape Town.


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