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Industrial Archaeology Meet

Leader: Stephen Craven 14 September 2017 Industrial Archaeology Meet

The party left Constantia Nek and walked uneventfully up Orange Kloof to Journey’s End and the Woodhead Tunnel which was examined. We then visited into the entrance of the Apostles Tunnel which was locked, and continued up the kloof to the Woodhead Dam, along the railway track bed to the remains of the upper cable station at the top of Kasteels Poort. Thence towards Echo Valley and the Club Hut where lunch was eaten. We then walked past the quarry to the Waterworks Museum which was closed despite a telephonic request that it be opened for us. We continued up Disa Gorge to the Aqueduct, down Smuts Track to the top of Skeleton Gorge, past the top of Nursery Ravine to the former Wynberg reservoir overseer’s residence and down the Jeep track and its short cuts to Constantia Nek. According to two members’ gadgets we walked 19 km. En route the Leader gave a running commentary on all the various artefacts seen.

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