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Red Hill, Simonstown to Kommetjie

Leader: Richard Goldschmidt 14 September 2017 Red Hill, Simonstown to Kommetjie

Sixteen members met at Slangkop Lighthouse, to sort out which cars were to be left there and which were to transport us to the start of the hike, Red Hill, Simonstown.  Upon arrival above Simonstown we set off along the path heading for Grootkop and the Kleinplaas Dam. There was a light wind with high cloud and weak sun.

The mountainside is fairly flat with well-marked paths and many spring flowers were appearing along the way. We stopped for tea at the Kleinplaas Dam before rounding the dam and heading in the Kommetjie direction. At a high point above Ocean View we stopped for an early lunch. The route then drops down to and crosses the road to Scarborough. At that point we investigated some old graves just off the path before heading into the fynbos again towards the old war look-out station above Kommetjie. From there it was a steep descent to the road, which we crossed and headed further down, directly to the lighthouse parking area. We arrived at 2.30pm after walking a total of 12km.

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