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Caveman’s overhang

Leader: Don Jepson 14 December 2017 Caveman’s overhang

The early morning cool air made for an invigorating start to the hike and we were in shade for most of the day due to the south facing aspect of the route.

After ascending Constantia Corner as far as the ‘Camel’ we traversed Klaassens Buttress lower ledge and then moved onto the first section of Hole in the Wall and finally Caveman’s Overhang. What makes this composite route so interesting is the variety of terrain, from narrow ledges with exposure to clambering behind or over rock obstacles.

After topping out on the ridge overlooking Orange Kloof we dropped down into the indigenous forest and worked our way into its depths where we had lunch. We then continued past deep gullies and eventually reconnected with the upper section of Hole in the Wall. The 13 of us arrived back at the cars at 3.30pm.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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