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Mowbray Ridge & Knife Edge to Devil’s Pk

Leader: Ragna Redelstorff 5 February 2018 Mowbray Ridge & Knife Edge to Devil’s Pk

Missing shoes and other incommodities unfortunately prevented some members from attending and so finally a group of five Happy Mountaineers (including one guest from the Stellenbosch Section) set off at a leisurely fast pace on Sunday 4 February. It was a pleasant walk past the King’s Blockhouse and up to the fire lookout hut (no fires were observed), where we had a short rest.

Ascending Mowbray Ridge one couldn’t help but notice a strong wind, partly because of conversations becoming limited to “What?” and the frequent use of tissues to prevent snot from flying into fellow mountaineers’ faces.

Below the Knife Edge it was decided: a new plan must be put in action to avoid the unfortunate loss of paying Mountain Club members. Just in time, like a sign from Heaven (and mapped by Slingsby), the High Traverse trail appeared and was conquered by the five now quiet windblown mountaineers. A shady spot was chosen for another snack break where the five Happy Mountaineers gathered strength to brave the high winds on the Saddle between Devil’s Peak and the mighty Table Mountain.

The descent down Newlands Ravine was pleasantly shaded from the sun and winds and conversations could return to Cape Town’s water crisis. The five Happy Mountaineers became even happier upon the discovery of a spring on the contour path back to Rhodes Memorial and various water bottles were filled hoping to avert Day Zero.

Upon arrival at Rhodes Memorial the hike was declared successful since no members had been blown off the mountain, and the five Happy Mountaineers dispersed to all four corners of the Peninsula.

Ragna Redelstorff


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