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Montagu Lead Climbing Youth Camp

Sport Climbing 22 April 2018 Montagu Lead Climbing Youth Camp

The Montagu Lead Climbing Youth Camp was held over the weekend of the 20th to 22nd April 2018 at De Bos Guest Farm, Montagu. 16 children and 15 parents attended, as well as MCSA meet leader from Top Out Climbing Club, Caleb Ashley Cooper, who was also the camp leader.

The weather was great, despite a 2 hour downpour on Saturday night, and the weekend was filled with amazing climbs, good laughs and some really great climbing.

We had a number of firsts this weekend:

  • First climb outdoors
  • First lead outdoors
  • First cleaning outdoors
  • First clipping of own draws outdoors

We had some amazing climbs as well, with the kids (and some parents) ticking off the below routes:


  • Easy Does It
  • Mild Thing
  • Oh My Goodness
  • Not with New Brim
  • Chocolate Speedway
  • Crack Baby
  • Buon Giorno Bambina
  • Bolt Your Bitch
  • Bona Sera Signorina
  • Bona Sera Signorina


  • The Dumper
  • Beach Break
  • Beach Break


  • Jingle Bells
  • Lead Us to Reason
  • The Gospel Express
  • Hell’s Bells

The Holy Grail:

  • Confessions
  • Confessions

The following climbs that were completed successfully:

Belen Krohn sent Jingle Bells 10 (Steeple), and she also topped 6 routes on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

Zebulun Krohn sent the following, all at Legoland:

  • Bolt Your Bitch 22
  • Crack Baby 18
  • Chocolate Speedway 18
  • Life And Times Of Mike Hunt 14
  • Oh My Goodness 18
  • Mild Thing 15
  • Easy Does It 16
  • Zebulun also sent the following, at Steeple:
  • Jingle Bells 10
  • Hells Bells 16
  • Altar Boys 20
  • The Holy Grail 17
  • Confessions 15

Thanks to Caleb, both Zebulun and Belen had the opportunity to lead for the first time, up Jingle Bells 10 at Steeple.

Rauen Krohn:

  • Latin Lessons 21 (Bosch Crag)
  • Midnight Moss 22 (back of Steeple)
  • Beach Break 19 (Supertubes)
  • Miléna Krohn:
  • Lead Us To Reason 21 (Steeple)
  • Me Or My Girl 21 (Bosch Crag)
  • Worked Hypoxia 29 (Supertubes)
  • Confessions 15 (Steeple) and Wild Thing 15 (Legoland) put up for younger kids
  • Nicholas Alan almost sent Hypoxia 29 at Supertubes!

The weekend unfolded as follows:

Friday 20th April

Own Time:   Drive through to your accommodation in Montagu
19h00:          Prepare own dinner

Saturday 21st April

08h00:         Breakfast at your accommodation
09h00:         Meet at de Bos Guest Farm (
09h30:         Leave for Legoland Crag
10h00:         Climb at Legoland Crag
13h00:         Lunch at Legoland Crag
14h00:         Leave Legoland Crag for Supertubes (TBC)
15h00:         Reach Supertubes (TBC)
18h00:         Pack up and head back to de Bos Guest Farm
19h00:         Braai

Sunday 22nd April

08h00:        Breakfast at your accommodation
09h00:        Meet at de Bos Guest Farm
09h30:        Walk to The Steeple Crag
10h00:        Climb at The Steeple Crag
12h00:        Lunch at The Steeple Crag
13h00:        Walk back to de Bos Guest Farm
13h30:        Pack up and head back to Cape Town

A special thanks is given to Mum and Climber, Colette Rodrigues, for assisting Caleb with managing the camp due to MCSA Leader, Delaney Carpenter, falling ill at the last minute.

Delaney Carpenter


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