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Judas Peak Ridge route

Leader: Don Jepson 20 December 2018 Judas Peak Ridge route

We set off from Ryterplaats and just before the last set of ‘staples’ in Llandudno Ravine veered off right and scrambled up Llandudno Buttress. This lined us up well for the ridge route – but instead of crossing the vlakte when opposite Judas Peak we hiked to the end of the ridge where we had tea and enjoyed the unusual views towards Orange Kloof. With Myburgh’s Kloof beneath us we then took a direct line back towards Judas Peak where we stopped to admire the views. The morning was still young so we then headed towards Separation Buttress where we found a secluded lunch spot with far reaching views towards Lion Head. By this time the sun had warmed us up sufficiently and we needed to get down! The 11 of us were back at the cars soon after 2pm.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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