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Orange Klaas

Leader: Don Jepson 24 January 2019 Orange Klaas

We set off at 7am and headed up Constantia Corner to just past the Camel – a path to the left then took us down towards the lower Klaasen’s Buttress ledge where we had tea at 9:15 (much to Paddy’s delight). The ledge provided the usual excitement with its steep drop offs and ‘key-hole’ grips. We gathered our 19th member of the party at the cement road junction before taking the path towards Hole-in-the Wall. After a short while we had reached the start of Caveman’s Overhang and the fun began of clambering behind rocks through narrow passages and over rock obstacles. Instead of climbing out at the usual ‘old man’s bearded’ gully we continued along the ledge for about 300m and exited into a small vlakte from where we took a path towards the start of the indigenous forested valley that holds the many climbing caves found on Table Mountain. We followed this valley to its far end where we had lunch in the depths of the forest – a natural arena with ‘gallery’ seating for the early arrivals – the rest of us plebs had to be content with the lush undergrowth amongst the boulders! After a leisurely lunch we continued through the bouldered forest, exiting at the Hole-in-the Wall route and through its hole in the wall! Most of us arrived back at the cars at 2:30pm – barring 3 who went back down Constantia Corner to retrieve some hiking poles that had been left behind on the way up. A reconciliation ensured that all souls had been accounted for!

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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