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Porcupine Anvil

Classic Rock Meet 28 February 2019 Porcupine Anvil

Brian Lambourne led a party of nine up Porcupine Anvil, a classic D route on Porcupine Buttress, on 28 February.

The party hiked up the Diagonal route to Porcupine Cave and after a short break for tea climbed the first C pitch a few metres beyond the cave. This was followed by a further two C pitches and the D pitch where a rope was used.

It was not long before the step over pitch was reached. Whilst not nearly as spectacular as the famous “Spring Step Over”, it is in fact more difficult owing to the absence of good handholds. Here too a rope was used.

Next was a wormhole which one had to grovel through before reaching the top. It was quickly discovered that a corkscrew motion was the best way of achieving this.

The party descended down the Diagonal route and were fortunate to reach the Pipe Track before encountering rain.

Brian Lambourne


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