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Agatha’s Gully & Klaassenskop

Leader: Dennis Cope 4 October 2019 Agatha’s Gully & Klaassenskop

The advance group of eight set off from Constantia Nek at 07h15, followed by the balance of nine 15 minutes later. We regrouped as arranged at the turn off to Agatha’s Gully from the Constantia Corner path where introductions and a briefing were done. The weather was excellent, calm, clear and cool. The gully itself was entered and climbed with ease by everyone. The geocache and rock loo raised interest on the traverse out of the gully to the first pitch which was also ably managed. Some of the group took the scramble route up the next pitch whilst the rest opted for the alternate route. After regrouping we cleared the remaining pitches and rejoined the Constantia Corner path, breaking for beverages at around 10h15 at the usual spot overlooking the Camel.

During the break, a strongish westerly came up which materially dropped the temperature and brought thick mist which intermittently obscured the view en route to Klaassen’s Kop. Everybody sportingly crawled, shuffled or scraped along Lumbago Alley where some interesting spoor was seen in the dry sand of a small depression. It did not appear canine and some felt it may have been from a caracal.

At the pitch section half way up Klaassen’s Kop, the group split again with some opting to take a less exposed route. After regrouping, we took a fun scrambling path to the top and then a circuitous route to the lunch spot. This spot was perfectly protected from the westerly and comfortably accommodated our largish group. After lunch, all but a few experienced ones did a small circuit at the top during which we squeezed through the letter box. Three of this group managed to post themselves stamp side down. After rejoining the others, we ambled across the top to regain the Constantia Corner path down to the concrete road. An uneventful walk down the road and step path had us back at the cars at 14h35.

Dennis Cope


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