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Trad Climbing Meet – TM

Meet Reports 17 March 2021 Trad Climbing Meet – TM

The meet was attended by 46 people, 17 (37%) of whom were women or girls. Of the participants 12 had little to no trad experience, and one person had never climbed at all before.

The best way to summarise the event is through feedback from some of the attendees:

Hans-Peter Bakker
An extraordinary experience. Never before seen so many happy climbers rushing up India Venster and swinging all over the ledges. After too many years, a highlight for me was to meet up again and be inspired by climbing legends like Snort, Hilton and Tinie who show no signs of slowing down. Also impressed by the many keen and very able youngsters embracing trad. Beautifully facilitated by Julia and Garrreth!

Hilton Davies
The previous MCSA trad meet that I can recall would have been a Mike Scott led meet in the early 1980s! The Julia Wakeling and Garrreth Bird led meet was as inspiring, uplifting and motivating as any I can remember from the golden era of trad in the Cape!
It was a great joy to lead Christina, the daughter of great climber Greg Moseley, on Africa Eyrie, a bold route that Greg did in 1964.

Ross Suter
A fun and vibrant event that has opened the door for many aspirant trad climbers and gave me my first full day of climbing on TM in more than a year. These meets could happen once a month, if we can find the organisers willing to set them up!

Charles (aka Snort) Edelstein
I think these meets are awesome. We should do them at least quarterly.

Max Nebe
We got to experience all the weather temperaments of Table Mountain which provided for an all-round excellent first introduction to climbing the excellent walls. Great leaders helped us feel safe and well informed all the time!

Peter Wood
For me it was just a brilliant full day out on the mountain. As a novice it was great to be learning from and surrounded by some of the most experienced and respected climbers in the Cape climbing community, to push (and find!) my limits while enjoying the mountain. Also excellent to see the next generation of climbers shining, and the work Ross, Tinie and others are doing to bring the youngsters through.
It was lovely to have such a crowd out, to see and hear climbing teams all around us while we were in the Africa Ledge area. Fountain was a bit quieter by the time we got there.

Joshua Passmore
I had a very special experience on the mountain on Saturday – with the help of kind people I was able to join in on my first trad meet – I am glad to have met all the amazing people involved. I am grateful towards Hans-Peter for being my leader, and for taking Lance and I up Staircase and Africa Crag.

Celine Gravenor
Was such a great experience to have so many tradders on the mountain!

Amber De Decker
Wow, what an epic day – so many highs! My first time on Magnetic Wall, my first time on Touch and Go, my hardest trad lead and the first time I’ve seen the tea cave so crowded and viby… all under the amazing guidance of Charles – what an honour! (And what an experience, heehee!) Definitely amongst the best days yet on my favourite mountain. Thank you, Julia and Garrreth!

Lise Wessels
Thank you Julia and Garrreth for organizing such a great trad meet. I felt privileged to learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience of my leader, Gosia.


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