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Rooikat Ravine & Reserve Peak – TM

Leader: Don Jepson 15 April 2021 Rooikat Ravine & Reserve Peak – TM

Rooikat Ravine was first climbed by GF Travers-Jackson and H Payne in 1896. Considering the lack of a strong path or cairns, it appears to have been seldom climbed since then. It is not in the same category as well wooded ravines such as Frustration Gorge, but it does provide examples of tree ferns and a sense of remoteness. The route eventually links with Cecelia Ridge much higher up.

The day started with a colourful sunrise followed by sunshine, developing into a strong wind with cloud before we reached the summit of Reserve Peak – a typical day on the mountain where one encounters all weather conditions in the space of a few hours!

After two tea stops (we were too early for lunch!) we returned via the Cecelia Ridge route.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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