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Yellowwood Traverse – TM

Leader: Don Jepson 19 August 2021 Yellowwood Traverse – TM

The Yellowwood Traverse lies on the western side of Grootkop, the highest peak along the southern apostles. When we set off from Camps Bay a cold wind was gusting strongly and the skies were overcast, but by the time we reached the peak the sun had started to make an appearance – but the conditions were still chilly!

Our first challenge was passing the Slangolie waterfall which was pounding down across the path. Care was required on the wet rocks along the traverse following the rain from the previous night.

Our ascent route was Oudekraal Ravine which is somewhat ‘off the beaten track’ amidst the towering rock walls of Corridor Buttress. We then made the connection onto Yellowwood Traverse and finally up the ‘A’ route to the peak. After an early lunch we retraced our steps down to the main apostle path and then on to Corridor Ravine which was our descent route.

The 13 intrepid mountaineers completed the hike in 7 hrs and we were back at the cars by 2:30 pm.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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