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Exploratory Breekkrants weekend

Leader: Thandi Davies 2 May 2022 Exploratory Breekkrants weekend

Eight members took the advantage of a long weekend to get out to our Breekkrants property. On Saturday we walked in via Zuurvlakte and set up camp near a water source – most streams were dry at this time of the year.  We spent the afternoon exploring koppies in the area, and had a wonderful and unexpectedly warm night under the starry sky.

On Sunday we set off to explore both of the Breekkrants Twins, and after tea and snacks we traversed along Breekkrants ridge to the area of the Breekkrants arches. We walked back to camp along the river valley and all felt very fulfilled from a good day of exploring.

Monday dawned windier than predicted but that didn’t stop us from heading off to Apex Peak to explore all of the cathedral-like turrets, caves and chimneys, with more stops for snacks and interesting discussions as we went along.

We returned home in the late afternoon well satisfied and ready to face a new week of city life… and dreaming of the next adventure…

A big thank you to Charles for leading us so competently, to Ezan for all the stories and insights, and to everyone in the group for the photos and the great company.

Thandi Davies
Thandi Davies

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