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St Paul’s Peak – Table Mountain

Leader: Don Jepson 8 December 2022 St Paul’s Peak – Table Mountain

Our ascent route was Oudekraal Ravine which requires a fairly long traverse across the slopes of the Apostles to reach the base of the ravine. One is rewarded on the way up by the sheer scale of the rock walls on the south facing side of Corridor Buttress.

We had tea at the top of the ravine before heading for St Paul’s Peak. After lingering a while to take in the 360 degree views we descended back to the Apostle path which we crossed and headed towards Frustration Maze.

We explored narrow passages and encountered the usual route finding challenges associated with the maze before returning to a shady overhang, that we had passed on the ascent, where we had an early lunch. The day had become very hot and we were eager to get down and cool off. Our descent route was Woody Ravine and we were back at the cars at about 2pm.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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