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Porcupine Ravine & Ark Ridge

Leader: Don Jepson 1 March 2023 Porcupine Ravine & Ark Ridge

We set off in very strong winds from Camps Bay but were soon in the wind shadow once we got to the base of Porcupine Buttress. This was the second meet on this route in 5 weeks due to the original hike being oversubscribed.

We branched off the main Porcupine path where Diagonal peels away and went left onto the ridge. This provides rewarding views looking towards the cableway station and Lions Head. The windswept cloud also provided some interesting photo opportunities.

Once through the final rock scramble we reached Ark Valley and branched onto the ridge where we found shelter from the wind for tea. We then followed the overgrown descent path linking with Kitchen Ravine and finally St Michael’s Peak.

Our descent from the peak was off-path to Backwater stream where we had lunch amongst some late flowering Disa. The wind had died and the sun had absorbed the cloud as we entered Upper Disa Stream and eventually descended Kasteels Poort.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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