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Slangolie Buttress

Leader: Don Jepson 10 August 2023 Slangolie Buttress

We had another mid summers day in mid winter – this made for great views from wind free elevated positions. The 20 strong group set off at 7:30am and ascended via Corridor Ravine. We then followed the Apostle path for a short way before branching off towards Slangolie Buttress where we enjoyed tea whilst soaking up the views.

We then descended a short way and located the overgrown path leading into the Tranquility cracks. We followed a particularly long crack that provided interesting obstacles and half tunnels.

After completing the ‘obstacle course’ we returned to the Apostle path and headed for Woody Ravine which was to be our descent route. We stopped half way down for an early lunch snack before returning to the cars at 1:30pm.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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