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Constantiaberg NW route

Leader: Don Jepson 22 September 2023 Constantiaberg NW route

The favourable weather window enabled us to enjoy the hike in relatively wind free conditions without rain – the decision to postpone the scheduled date by one day had paid off. This year has been challenging with regard to the severe winter that has extended into what should be spring!

By the time we reached the summit the cloud had cleared and far reaching views unfolded around us. The off-path route up the NW facing ridge of Constantiaberg was wet following the recent rain but the colourful fynbos and ever changing views enhanced by swirling cloud made up for this.

We stopped for tea about 150m below the summit and enjoyed a rest in a patch of sunlight that appeared just at the right time. We did not linger at the beacon and made our way down the standard route towards the top of Blackburn Ravine where we had a lunch break before commencing the descent.

The 9 of us were back at the cars at 2:45pm – suitably energised from our 7hr hike.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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