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Klaasens Buttress

Leader: Don Jepson 23 November 2023 Klaasens Buttress

We did not follow the intended route along Klassens Buttress Lower Ledge due to the overnight rain and adverse weather conditions. My lucky weather pattern had come to an end – the previous two club meets have been in winter conditions whereas I had two meets in a row during winter with mid summer conditions! Nevertheless, we had a fun time experiencing the mountain in its ‘wet misty mood’ and still had tea at the originally planned position.

We ascended via Constantia Corner and branched off near the end onto Klassens Buttress. We then took a route along the west facing side to the end of the buttress overlooking Orange Kloof where we had a leisurely tea break.

We returned along the same approach path until we reached the Constantia Corner route again where the group split – 11 returning via De Villiers dam and the cement road and the remaining 6 of us returning via Constantia Corner as originally planned.

When we arrived back at the cars at 11:45 the sun was out and the day was starting to warm up!

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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