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Pimple Traverse – Table Mountain

Leader: Don Jepson 14 February 2024 Pimple Traverse – Table Mountain

The weather forecasts dictated which day we hiked on, which was Wednesday instead of Thursday! As it turned out, we had a few drops of rain along the traverse but we escaped the heavy rain in the early hours of Thursday which would have made the route unsafe.

We were treated to wonderful cloud effects along the way with the cloud sweeping down the Twelve Apostle buttresses. The traverse kept us focused on taking in the ever changing views and negotiating the various exposed portions that required extra care. The famous ‘step around’ was eagerly tackled by the team and the photos showed that the ladies had the most elegant style in negotiating the protruding rock!

We had clear visibility until we reached Victoria Ravine which was shrouded in mist. This made for a welcome cool ascent of the 160m height to reach the Apostle path at the top of the mountain. Our reduced party of 8, due to the changed day, meant that we were well ahead of schedule and lunch was postponed until we were below the waterfall pitch in Llandudno Ravine.

We arrived back at the cars at soon after 1pm, suitably invigorated after having conquered the traverse in satisfactory conditions.

Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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