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Cederberg hikes – 12 to 14 Mar 2024

Leader: Don Jepson 12 March 2024 Cederberg hikes – 12 to 14 Mar 2024

We based ourselves at Kromrivier farm with Luna Peak and Winterbach Peak being our main objectives. We were lucky to have a relatively cool weather window for our hikes but the afternoon temperatures were still a notch up on what we are used to back home!

The full party of 15 turned out for the 15km Luna Peak hike which included a total ascent of 860m. It involves a fairly long walk-in to reach Derdekloof which was our ascent route. Once on top of the main ridge we passed Apollo and moved across to the beaconed trail leading up to Luna Peak. The interesting rock formations and distant views along the way  are a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have the Cederberg within easy reach of Cape Town. Having crossed its craters and carefully negotiated the mushroomed rock we finally summited the peak which is in the shape of a flying saucer, barely large enough to hold us all!

Our ‘rest day’ was used by four of the ladies to hike to the Wolfberg Arch via the narrow Wolfberg Crack, a 14km return route after driving over to neighbouring Sanddrif.

Twelve of us tackled Winterbach Peak on the third day which also provided interesting rock formations and challenging route finding adding to the overall adventure. When can we do this again was the remark of some of the members when we retuned home. There is so much more to explore in the mountains surrounding Kromrivier, including our neighbouring club property, Breekkrans, that it won’t be long before we are back!




Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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