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Oudekraal Ravine

Leader: Don Jepson 7 June 2024 Oudekraal Ravine

We finally got a break in the weather after 85mm of rain that transformed our mountain into a very wet playground. The 12 of us who were able to change our plans and hike on Friday were rewarded to an unusual mountain experience. Even the enormous Himalayan Tar that I came face to face with on a narrow part of the traverse towards Oudekraal Ravine was surprised to see us!

Our first challenge was crossing the gushing waterfall coming down from Three Firs just before Slangolie Ravine – one by one we had to face the torrent of water that left the lower part of the body not covered by a rain jacket completely soaked. What we do for fun was under scrutiny!

The path up Oudekraal Ravine had become a stream but the rocky nature of the path provided a good grip for the boots and we summited just after 10am. We were rewarded by glorious sunshine as the sun rose over Corridor Buttress and stopped for a tea break whilst enjoying the views.

We faced a bitterly cold wind on top and this encouraged us to keep going and forego our intended excursion to Corridor Buttress. We also changed our planned descent route from Corridor Ravine to Kasteels Poort so as not to face the Three Firs waterfall once more! It was only when we reached the ‘platform’ rock half way down KP that we stopped for a quick bite of lunch, arriving back at the cars at 1:45pm after having covered 12km.


Don Jepson
Don Jepson

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