The Mountain Club of South Africa

Rules & Bookings

General Rules for Huts and Club Properties

Before visiting any property which the MCSA owns or has access privileges to, please ensure that you are familiar with the rules and etiquette downloadable here.

Be aware that hut booking and property access transgressions are regarded as extremely serious, and may result in your expulsion from the Club.

Hut Booking Procedure (Only members who are hut key holders may book huts)

Whether you’re overnighting in the hut or camping in the grounds, your visit must be pre-booked and the correct fees pre-paid for all members and guests who will comprise your party. The huts can be booked up to two months in advance.

NB: Hut keys, and their associated booking privileges – earned by meeting a number of specific requirements – are NOT transferable between members. Any key-holding member who makes a booking MUST be present with the group on the specified date(s). The booking member is considered the leader of the group, and is responsible for the actions of the group. If the leader is unable to attend, the booking must be cancelled, or transferred to another key-holding member only.

Bookings for overnighting in Table Mountain Hut, Agtertafelberg Hut and Du Toit’s Kloof Hut, can be made online at You can sign in using the same username and password as for this site.

  • Carry printed (or electronic) confirmation of the booking with you on your visit, and provide it on request.
  • Please cancel your booking if you can’t make it, as a courtesy to other members.
  • Note however that fees are not refundable.
  • We ask booked members to be accommodating of others who need to share the hut in true emergency situations.

Booking procedures for other properties remain unchanged. (Refer to each property’s page for details.)

Hut Fees (per night) 2024

Table Mountain Hut Du Toit’s Kloof Hut Agtertafelberg Hut
Cape Town Section Members R 35 R 25 R 35
* New Cape Town Section Members R220 R100 R220
Members of other MCSA sections & UCT MSC R 75 R 35 R 75
** New Members of other MCSA sections R220 R100 R220
Guests (one per Youth or Adult Member) R 220 R 100 R 220
*** Family Members (under 17) (may not bring guests) R 20 R 20 R 20

*  Members who joined from December 2023 onwards and who do not yet qualify for a hut key, will pay the guest fee and cannot take guests. The guest ratio for key-holding members is not affected.  

** Other Section Members who joined from December 2023 onwards and do not yet qualify for hut access. 

*** Please note: “Family Member” is a specific category of membership for children (aged under 17) of current members. The fees listed for Family Members apply only to bona fide members in this category, and not to members of your family (e.g. parent, non-member child, sibling, spouse, etc.)!

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