The Mountain Club of South Africa

Outreach & Youth

One way to ensure the ongoing protection of our mountains is to nurture the next generation of nature lovers. The Cape Town Section of the MCSA therefore has two extremely active programmes aimed at getting youngsters exposed to the natural beauty around us.

Youth Programme

The Cape Town Section’s Youth Programme helps youngsters aged 8 to 18 to discover what exciting adventures can be had outdoors. It aims to liberate them from their electronics and games and encourage a deeper understanding of and respect for nature and our wilderness – or, more simply, get them into climbing harnesses and out into the mountains.

Most activities involve outdoor climbing days at local crags and boulders, as well as weekend Youth Camps, which are a combination of climbing and environmental education. The outings look at the lifestyle aspects of outdoor climbing (sport and bouldering), as well as the impacts these recreational activities have on our environment.

MCSA members’ children are given priority but members of Western Cape Climbing are currently also welcome for the next 12 months.

Check the Calendar for the next Youth meet.