The Mountain Club of South Africa


The Breekkrants wilderness in the southern Cederberg invites exploration of vlaktes, caves and rock formations. The property is traversed by the perennial Breekkrants River that flows south-eastward between the Kromrivier ridge to the north and the Breekkrants ridge to the south. Breekkrants offers great back country hiking, peak bagging and relaxing camping.

It can be extremely hot at times, and shade is often hard to find.

Some of the peaks on or near Breekkrants include Apex, Breekkrants Twins, Moorreespiek, Bosmanpiek, Apollo, Murraysberg and Winterbach. Other interesting features on the property include the Breek itself (the ‘broken cliff’ opposite Bakmakersfontein), Goldfinger and many arches. The historical Ou Kaapse Pad between Kromrivier and Suurvlakte offers a satisfying 18km hike entirely on Club property. The abandoned farming settlement, Bakmakersfontein, has a perennial spring and although the original shelter was burnt in 1998, camping is still possible there.

The Cape Town Section bought Breekkrants in 1983. It is one of 20 properties in the southern Cederberg that together created the Cederberg Conservancy in 1997, adjacent to the declared Cederberg Wilderness Area.