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Outlook Ridge

Leader: Brian Lambourne 28 Apr 2022

Outlook Ridge was the usual descent route used by climbers for routes ending at the summit and is…

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Blinkwater Ravine

Leader: Brian Lambourne 21 Apr 2022

The party of 10 met at the bottom of Tafelberg road at 8am and hiked along the pipe…

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Two Ledges Route – Table Mountain

Leader: Brian Lambourne 31 Mar 2022

The Ledges route was first climbed by Harris, Nash, Rogers, and Rolls in 1892.

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Grotto-Fountain-Cairn Traverse

Leader: Brian Lambourne 17 Feb 2022

A party of 11 set off along the pipe track at 8am and then turned up the Blinkwater…

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Nursery Buttress

Leader: Brian Lambourne 25 Nov 2021

The route which goes up the face of Nursery Buttress and involves a number of B grade scrambles…

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Three ledges – Table Mountain

Leader: Brian Lambourne 1 Nov 2021

The party went up Platteklip Gorge as far as the Contour path where they turned left and after…

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