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Spring Buttress

Leader: Dennis Cope 22 February 2024

Thirteen of us set out from Theresa Avenue at exactly 07h00 in a strong southerly wind

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Kasteels B – Cups & Saucers

Leader: Dennis Cope 18 January 2024

15 of us set out from Theresa at 07h00 in ideal conditions, the previous night’s gale

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Blind Gully-Porcupine Ravine

Leader: Dennis Cope 26 October 2023

As an experienced group we were soon at the Blind Gully ascent after an easy paced start up…

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Seven Buttresses

Leader: Dennis Cope 28 September 2023

Seven of us set out at 07h30 from Theresa in ideal and calm conditions. The clear cloudless air…

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Spilhaus Ridge 2

Leader: Dennis Cope 26 July 2023

The ridge was enshrouded in mist so we couldn’t see our planned ascent route on the way up…

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Spilhaus Ridge 1

Leader: Dennis Cope 19 July 2023

The clarity allowed us good views of the ridge on the path up to the start.

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