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Agatha’s Gully & Klaassenskop

Leader: Dennis Cope 4 October 2019

The advance group of eight set off from Constantia Nek at 07h15, followed by the balance of nine…

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Kalk Bay Caves

Leader: Dennis Cope 12 April 2019

Twelve of us set out on schedule in near ideal conditions up the Trappieskop steps from Boyes…

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Lakeside Ridge

Leader: Dennis Cope 15 March 2019

Fourteen of us set out from the Toad at the bottom of Boyes Drive at 07h30 in a…

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Spilhaus Ridge & Caveman’s Overhang

Leader: Dennis Cope 23 February 2019

Despite a blustery southeaster, 12 of us set out from Cecilia at 07h00 in heavily overcast conditions. This…

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Seven Buttresses

Leader: Dennis Cope 17 January 2019

We set out enthusiastically at 06h50 from Theresa avenue in ideal hiking conditions. After the group pic at…

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Wood Buttress and Junction Peak

Leader: Dennis Cope 3 January 2019

Ten of us set out at 06h50 from Theresa avenue in fairly blustery conditions. The route took us…

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