The Mountain Club of South Africa

MCSA Journals

The Journal of the MCSA is published annually and serves as a record of the mountaineering-related activities of the Club’s members.

Members of the Cape Town Section of the MCSA are entitled to receive the Club’s Journals for the year(s) in which they were paid-up members. For individual memberships, each member may receive one physical hardcopy, and for joint memberships, each couple may receive one hardcopy.

Historically these Journals, or Annuals (until 1930), were in printed format. From 2020 onwards, the Journal is published in both printed and digital formats. Earlier Journals have now also been scanned and are accessible online to paid-up members.

Digital Journals may also be accessed from the members’ area below, by logging in with your usual credentials for the Cape Town Section website. Please note that a member who has downloaded a digital Journal may not distribute it or share it with anyone who was not also a paid-up member for the relevant year. This is impossible to police or control, so we ask that you act responsibly and with integrity in this regard.