The Mountain Club of South Africa

Responsibilities of Members

Our Expectations of Members

As a member of the MCSA (Cape Town Section) you will have many privileges, which will include use of our splendid huts and properties. You will also have responsibilities, and our expectations of you are that you always act respectfully towards other members, neighbouring landowners, local authorities and their representatives, and to Club properties, including our huts. In particular, you are expected to

Part of the membership application process requires you to accept the terms and conditions of membership, which include adhering to the Code of Conduct and the Rules, and being bound by the Constitution of the Cape Town Section.

Before you apply to join, you should be certain that you are willing to agree to these terms and conditions.


How Do I Join?

Membership of our Section (Cape Town) is open to all, and anyone is welcome to join! The procedure is simple, and is as follows:

  • Complete and submit the online application form.
  • Pay only the entrance fee within one month of submitting your application form.
  • After receipt of confirmation of your election as a member, pay the subscription due (you will be advised of the pro-rata amount should you join part way through the current calendar year) within one month.

As a member, how do I obtain a property or hut key?

Please visit our FAQ page, and expand the accordion item “WHEN AND WHERE DO I GET MY HUT KEY?” to see what we require members to do before they can obtain a property or hut key.