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These are some of the questions we typically hear from new members and those interested in joining the Club.

How do I join?

Membership of our Club is open to all, and anyone is welcome to join! The procedure is simple, and is as follows:

  • Make sure you’re willing to agree to our terms and conditions of membership.
  • Complete and submit the online application form.
  • Pay only the joining fee within one month of submitting your application form.
  • After receipt of confirmation of your election as a member, pay the subscription due (you will be advised of the pro-rata amount should you join part way through the current calendar year) within one month.
When and where do I get my membership card?

You can collect it from the office in Hatfield Street once you have been elected and your subscription fees have been paid.

When and where do I get my hut key?

You can pay a deposit for it at the office, once you’ve met all the following qualifying requirements:

  • You have been a paid-up member of the Cape Town Section for at least one year;
  • You have attended a new members’ social at the Clubhouse;
  • You have attended at least one work meet at one of the Cape Town Section’s three huts, viz. Table Mountain Hut, Agtertafelberg Hut or Du Toit’s Kloof Hut, or at least one Property work meet or Conservation meet on a Cape Town Section property; and
  • You have attended at least one additional Cape Town Section meet of another type, e.g. a mid-week or weekend meet (Outreach meets do not qualify).

Consult the Calendar to find a suitable qualifying meet.

How do I find out about work meets and other activities?

Check the Calendar and contact the leader if you’d like to join in.

How do I check availability of a Cape Town Section hut?

Check the relevant hut’s calendar by logging into the online hut booking system (only members who have a hut key have access to this system and its booking privileges)

How do I access the website’s private pages?

Log in using the email address the Club has on record for you, and your password.

If you forget your password or wish to change it to something more memorable, you can use the ‘Reset password’ link on the Login page.

You can also use the ‘Remember me’ checkbox to remain logged in to the site in the web browser you routinely use.

How do I book a hut?

Cape Town Section huts must be booked and paid for ahead of your visit. Online bookings may be made only by Cape Town Section members who are hut key holders. Members of other sections must make hut bookings via the office.

To view hut availability, book, and pay, go to You’ll receive a booking confirmation email which you must carry with you on your visit.

For other sections’ huts, contact the relevant Section. Details are on the Access & Properties page.

Can I take non-member guests to the huts and properties?

Yes, members older than 17 (Youth, Student or adult members) may take one guest per member for an overnight visit, or four per member for a day visit. Note however that each hut also has its own maximum allowable number of guests per party booked.

Family members – i.e. members’ children aged under 17 – may not take guests to huts or properties.

Can I take my dog or other pets to the huts and properties?

No. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in any MCSA huts or on grounds or properties at any time. This restriction applies equally to CapeNature land, and any properties adjacent to our own across which we gain access.

The only exception to this is if a fully trained service dog is required to assist a person with a disability to reach or stay at a hut or property, in which case prior written permission must be obtained from the General Committee.

Can I pitch a tent outside a hut?

Yes, but you still have to book and pre-pay the hut fees.

How do I pay my hut fees?

By EFT, with proof of payment emailed to the relevant person or Section.

For Cape Town Section huts, you can also pay at the Clubhouse office.

What do I do with my toilet paper and sanitary products in the mountains?

Toilet paper should be disposed of in long drops if they are provided, or can be buried if you carry a trowel and dig a proper hole. Never burn toilet paper and risk a fire!

Otherwise bring plastic bags and carry everything out with you. This applies to all feminine hygiene products, nappies and personal wipes.

Do MCSA members get free entry to Kirstenbosch?

No. On production of a valid membership card, members may however pass directly through the garden via the Rycroft Gate (top gate) for access to the mountain, provided that they do so before 08h00. Check the TM via Kirstenbosch page for more information.

Can I park my car at Kirstenbosch to overnight at the TM Hut?

Yes, provided you pass on your vehicle details ahead of your visit. Click here for more information.

What are the climbing wall and library hours?

Click here for opening hours.


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