The Mountain Club of South Africa

Zeebasbosch (Stellenbosch Section)

Photo of Zeebasbosch


Zeebasbosch, also known as Toorkloof, boasts a collection of prominent kloofs and peaks including Toorkloof, Varingfontein, Zeebasberg, the Camel and Boesmansberg. Some claim that there’s a mysteriously elusive pool on the property, but water is scarce (except for a concrete weir near the parking area and high up the river where the kloof starts). You’ll need to carry water and expect rough terrain with no pathways.

The property is adjacent to Waaihoeksberg at the western end of the Hex River Mountains. A popular trip is ascending Toorkloof and then traversing the slabs at the top of Waaihoeksberg to the neck of Waaihoekskloof (just below Zeebasberg).

The MCSA (Stellenbosch Section) acquired a 12.5% stake in the undivided farm Zeebasbosch 192 in 1989. The other registered owners are:
Stephanus Francois du Toit – 12.5%
Bowe Vineyards – 25%
Lorelei Vineyard – 25%
Crusch Alba – 25%